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Login Screen for KeelEstimator- Contractors Estimating Program

At the bottom of the page is the screen you will see each time you log on the application. This will appear in your Web Browser.

Windows users only,  click on the secure link to make sure you can access the estimator with your current firewall and antivirus settings. If not, the alternate "red" link below is easier.

The first time you attempt to log on you may be asked by your Web Browser to download the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. It will automatically pop up on your screen. Just click the yes button.This is a small download from Microsoft and should only take a moment.

The Chrome browser can be a problem and we suggest that you use another.

After this download, a shortcut to KeelEstimator is saved on your computer.

You should be able to view the screen below with the username and password box.

If so, you may go back to the home page and securely subscribe with Paypal.

If not, try the alternate site listed below; it is the easiest way to access the program.

Once you have subscribed and received your login and password, it is recommended you change your password.

We have to manually enter the user name and password you will receive into Microsoft Azure. We strive to sent it to you ASAP.

The username icon at the bottom right of the screen is where you change your password.

Should you loose your password, contact us at


If you are a Mac or a Windows user the simplest way to  access the program is through .

The above is a secure link.

After clicking on the website your browser may ask your permission to use Microsoft Silverlight.

Generally, you right click your mouse and click on allow.

This alternate site works strickly through your browser and does not support exporting your data to excel.

This alternate site does not create a shortcut on your desktop, you will need to save it as a favorite in your browser or access it through this site.

The Chrome browser can be a problem and we suggest that you use another.

You can easily access your estimates through either site.

If you are away from your home computer, the alternate site will be easier to access.