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Add New Item

To add a Cost Line Item.

Choose a Tab for the corresponding spreadsheet. "Component1 thru Component16".

Double Click in a blank line in the spreadsheet.

Click on the Add/Edit button which appeared.

Fill out the appropriate data in the pop up dialog box which appears.

Note the approximation box. This unique feature allows you to flag your comfort level with the amount you have estimated for the item.

Before you arrive at your final estimate, you should revisit all items that are marked "Wild Guess".

Items marked with a star should mean you are comfortable with the price.

Item marked Approximation should be somewhere in the middle .

Click Save.

Click the X to get rid of the dialog box.

The revised totals will appear on the screen.

It is always a good practice to hit the save and refresh button, "upper left hand top of page" immediately prior to finalizing your estimate.



ScreenShot Below to Show Partially Complete Estimate using KeelEstimator Construction Estimating Software