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Construction Estimating Program

With this simple Construction Estimating Software you can quickly build an estimate for any job.

 Pros find it one of the best Construction Estimating Softwares available.

Your estimates will reside on the Microsoft Azure Cloud which is operated by Microsoft.

 This Contractor Estimating Software is designed to help minimize data entry errors.

Our Bidding Software allows you to instantly re-total all spreadsheets when changing any item on any spreadsheet.

Try our Contractors Software for $1.00 the first month for new customers.

Don't pay from $80 to $250 per month for Job Cost Estimating Software.

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Simple, Quick, Effective,Construction
Estimating Program designed by a
Professional Construction Estimator
with twenty years experience bidding
multi-million dollar projects.


KeelEstimator is easily mastered.
No seminars or training programs
to attend.

Cloud Based

Runs on Microsoft Azure
Cloud Services. Can be
accessed from a computer
anywhere with internet access.


If your personal computer fails, simply use another computer. KeelEstimator works through Internet Explorer. Chrome does not work.

Before you subscribe, click the " blue Login Page" link to make sure you can access the program.                         Login Page.

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$19.99 per month - Cancel Anytime

Special offer, first month $1.00 for new subscribers. Offer validates at check out.



Check out our free Windows Phone app at

 Do a search for "Superintendent's Concrete Estimator" or "Keel Technologies."

We are a registered Windows App Developer.


Simple design to minimize Data Entry Errors.
Other programs have complicated data input requirements.
Don't Pay Thousands

$19.99 monthly subscription. Simply cancel anytime you wish.

No complicated program interface to distract you from your objective."How  much is this Project going to cost?"
Unsubscribe any Time

Log in to Your Paypal Account to cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel your Subscription:
1. Log in to your Paypal account.
2. Click Profile near the top of the page- the gear icon.
3. Click Preapproved payments near the bottom of the page.
4. Click on KeelEstimator.
5. Click Cancel.